Roasted Romanesco with Pesto Grains

Grains and greens, a food pairing that just works. I wanted to use the two to create a simple & tasty supper that’s full of nutrients. This recipe uses gluten-free corn couscous and romanesco cauliflower (the green one that looks like a Fibonacci sequence). The beautifully intricate cauli-brocc hybrid is packed full of vitamin C,Continue reading “Roasted Romanesco with Pesto Grains”

Easy Almond Pesto

If you’re like me, jared vegan pesto is a staple of your food cupboard. It transforms even the most lacklustre ingredients into a mouthwatering mediterranean feast in seconds. If you want to have a go at making your own pesto, this quick & simple recipe is ready in minutes. Drizzle over some oven roasted greensContinue reading “Easy Almond Pesto”